Gross Relations “Cut the Final Scene”

Folks may recall that back in August of last year, los grillos touted the debut ep, Come Clean, from Brooklyn’s Gross Relations when it dropped as the debut release from Raven Sings The Blues Records (label offshoot of the always excellent blog). Now from Gross Relations comes a brand new tune, “Cut The Final Scene,” that features the band’s trademark blend of melodic keys and fuzzed out guitar. Ever-prolific, Gross Relations is hard at work on its feature-length debut with plans to release it some time in 2012. Until then, here’s some proof that a little studio polish doesn’t have to shine away the rock edges…

The Golden Boys “California”

Austin’s incomparable, incorrigible band of badass badasses, The Golden Boys, are set to drop their latest and, from what I’ve heard, greatest, rock ‘n’ roll rumpus, Dirty Fingernails. The advance single is “California,” and it’s a perfect blend of the band’s organ-grinding, garage rock sensibilities and hook-filled, pop rock capabilities. You wanna hear some kick-ass, can’t stop playin’ it rock ‘n’ roll? This is it.

Dirty Fingernails is out March 20 from 12xu. Pre-order it here. Or wait for the date and grab a copy at the record store featured on the album’s cover, the similarly incomparable and incorrigible Trailer Space.

The album lands

Slippy — In Memoriam (“the moon is a ufo”)

Late last week, Craig ‘Slippy’ MacNeil, a friend and long-time member of the Waterloo Records family with whom I worked for many years, passed in his sleep. Slippy, a lovable merry prankster with an ever-present smile and a perpetual gleam in his eye, was without question one of the most kindhearted, true-spirited, and gentle-souled people to ever shuffle through this mortal coil, and he had a way of making all who came to know him feel as though they were the best, most favorite part of his life. There’s a certain magic to that, and the world suffers for its loss. But no matter the loss suffered, it cannot overcome how much better a place the world is simply for having had Slippy in it for his all-too-brief yet brilliant life.

The fuzzy photo above was taken during one of the last times I saw Slippy out and about. Slippy–his arm around me, holding me close, almost conspiratorially, as he spoke–had spent the evening explaining to me that I was going to join his band. It was going to be a cover band, and the entirety of our repertoire was to be a song by the Sun City Girls off of the recent album Funeral Mariachi. The photo, taken by Slippy and immediately emailed to me, was to be our first band photo, and it included this short message: “The Moon is a UFO”. I don’t know that I saw it then, buddy, but looking now, I don’t know how I missed it. The moon is a UFO. Thank you for always showing me new and beautiful ways of seeing the world.

My heart goes out to the Waterloo family and all who have the good fortune to have known Slippy. He will be missed.

Austin Psych Fest 2012 Announces Initial Lineup

Austin Psych Fest, launched in 2008 by Austin’s The Black Angels, has a stated mission to “honor the legacy of Austin’s musical history as the birthplace of psychedelic rock,” and the recent announcement of the 2012 lineup proves once again that, when it comes to their mission, the folks behind the fest ain’t fuckin’ around. For its fifth year the festival has moved from last year’s location at the Seaholm Powerplant, which is being redeveloped, to the shiny and new locations of Emo’s East and Beauty Ballroom, and the first round of announced artists, from top-billed Brian Jonestown Massacre to curators The Black Angels, is impressive in its scope. Check it out below. And for a sampling of what you can expect to hear, check out the Austin Psych Fest 2012 mixtape by Al Lover here (where it’s available for free download).

Austin Psych Fest gets its 2012 trip on from April 27-29. You can find more info and tickets here.

The Denzels ‘Easy Tiger’

Back around the spring of 2011, the debut single from Brooklyn’s The Denzels, “Slow Death,” landed in the los grillos inbox, and we were straight away taken with the band’s blend of the eighties underground/alternative scene and nineties indie rock, calling them a sort of garage rock Echo & The Bunnymen. Now from The Denzels comes Easy Tiger, a 5-song ep that builds on the foundation laid by “Slow Death” with smart lyrics, solid hooks, and more ambitious arrangements. With just five tracks, most which clock in around the three minute pop song range, it’s comes and goes pretty quickly–the kind of album repeat buttons are made for.

Easy Tiger is available now as a free download at The Denzels’ Bandcamp page. Check it out here.