Willie Nelson “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die”

Recorded with special guests that include Kris Kristofferson, Jamey Johnson, and Snoop Dogg, and released for your listening pleasure on 4/20, “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die” is the second track on Willie’s forthcoming album, Heroes, and it’s just plain awesome in a way that only Willie can be. Sounding like it was plucked straight from the the heydays of outlaw country, it’s a roadhouse honky-tonk romp that’s as defiant as it is celebratory.

“Roll Me Up…” is currently streaming at Willie’s website. Listen here.

Heroes is out May 15 via Legacy Recordings. Keep an eye on it here.

And here’s Willie playing the song live…

Happy Birthday, Willie. Thanks for rolling us another number.

Torche ‘Harmonicraft’

Four years after 2008’s pummeling Meanderthal, Florida’s Torche is back with Harmonicraft, an album that amps up the band’s knack for anthemic melodies that aim for the sky without sacrificing the earthly stomp of some monster riffs. Dynamic and hard hitting yet accessible enough to appeal to a wider audience than the band has seen before, this one should put Torche up there with hard rock heavy hitters such as Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters.

Harmonicraft is out now via Volcom Entertainment. Check it out here.

The album is currently streaming in its entirety at Spin.com. Listen here.


The Golden Boys ‘Dirty Fingernails’

There hasn’t been much time for new tunes listenin’ around los grillos way this week, but that hardly matters because all I want to listen to these days is the latest from Austin’s finest rock ‘n’ roll band The Golden Boys. If you’re reading this–and I’m talking to all three of you–you should listen to it too.

Buy it over at Trailer Space Records if you can. If not, buy it straight from the label, 12xu, here.

Various Artists — ‘Bring Beer’

If you’re no stranger to los grillos, then you’re no stranger to the fact that around these parts we love Trailer Space Records, a place that, with its multiple-per-week in-store performances, smokin-in-the-boys-room and drinkin-in-the-alleyway atmosphere, and bring-beer attitude is much more than a record store–it’s a celebration, preservation, and continuation of Austin’s rock ‘n’ roll community.

Of course, it’s also a record store, so what better way to celebrate the place than with a good ol’ fashioned slab of vinyl that includes some of Austin’s finest bands pounding out a tune or two, and who better to release said vinyl than Gerard Cosloy, co-owner of Matador Records and owner of the 12XU record label, which is releasing the compilation Bring Beer. Apart from the very frame-able cover, which features a picture of the Trailer Space hours sign, Bring Beer delivers new recordings from Cruddy, The Golden Boys, Chris Brokaw, James Arthur’s Manhunt, The Flesh Lights, Naw Dude, Carolee, Marriage, Philip Sambol, Followed By Static, Nazi Gold, G.Green, Rhett And Dean, and Air Traffic Controllers–what Cosloy refers to as, “a clumsy hybrid of a 12XU label sampler and a chance for some Trailer Space fixtures (though admittedly only a few of them) to say thanks (though there’s clearly some crossover between those two camps).” All proceeds from sales of Bring Beer, such as they might be, go to Trailer Space, so buy a copy for yourself and maybe a couple more for a friend or two.

Bring Beer is available on Record Store Day, April 21, at Austin’s Trailer Space Records as well as at Austin’s Waterloo Records, Austin’s End of an Ear Records, and a host of other fine record stores around the country.

Here’s a track from the compilation by Carolee followed by a track by a band featured on the compilation, The Golden Boys, taken from that band’s recent 12XU release Dirty Fingernails (also available at Trailer Space)…

‘Last Days Here’ — The Story of Pentagram Lead Singer Bobby Liebling

American heavy metal band–and pioneer of doom metal–Pentagram, has had, since its formation in the early 70s, a number of ups and downs, with the highs not being high enough (unless you count drug consumption) and the lows being far too low (particularly those related to drug consumption). The one constant through the years has been co-founder and vocalist Bobby Liebling, whose demons have taken him and his band to some dark places indeed. The life of Bobby Liebling and his many demons–and his eventual conquering of these demons–is chronicled in the documentary Last Days Here. Lars Nilsen, Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema programmer and film guru, calls Last Days Here “a moving, highly charged story of individualism, love, hope, second chances and brutally hard, intense metal music” (read what else he has to say here). Sounds fantastic, and I’m looking forward to finding out for myself when the film has a short run at the Alamo’s South Austin location.

Last Days Here plays the Alamo Drafthouse South from April 20-April 26. If you’re in the neighborhood, go check it out. Get tickets here.

Pentagram’s latest album, Last Rites, is out now via Metal Blade Records. Check it out here (where you can also find the recent live dvd When The Screams Come).