Horsebladder ‘Not I’ll Not’

I missed this quietly released album when it landed last year, so I’m glad the fine folks at Raven Sings The Blues called my attention to its haunted charms. The lo-fi bedroom project of Massachusetts poet and musician Elaine Kahn, Horsebladder traffics in slowly moving, solemn atmospherics painted with a dark wash of analog synths, layers of Kahn’s shadowy vocals, and the occasional hollow beat of a drum, giving tracks like the eerie “Fountains” a certain funereal quality.

Not I’ll Not is out via Ecstatic Peace Records. Check out the vinyl here. Or, go to Horsebladder’s Bandcamp page here to purchase a digital copy.

Vincas ‘Blood Bleeds’

Blood Bleeds, the debut from Athens’ Vincas, is a raging slab of acid-soaked psych with thick grooves and some psychobilly breaks. Think The Black Angels with a Suicide fetish or The Gun Club dragged through the swamps of Georgia and you’re getting close. An initial self-release of 100 copies is gone, but Atlanta’s Douchemaster Records picked it up for another 500. Grab one while you can.

Blood Bleeds is out now via Douchemaster Records. Check it out here.

The Mountain Goats ‘Transcendental Youth’

John Darnielle and his Mountain Goats have a new album set for release this year. It’s called Transcendental Youth, boasts some pretty kick ass cover art, and rocks advance single “Cry For Judas,” which backs up Darnielle’s reliably allusive lyrics with a big ol’ horn section.

Transcendental Youth is out October 2nd via Merge Records. Check it out here (where it’s available for preorder).

Sebadoh ‘Secret’ EP

Now that Lou Barlow’s had a pretty damn successful reunion run with that other band he was in for awhile and is back in again, he’s taking a shot at having some success with bringing back that other other band he was in, Sebadoh. From the sounds of things, it’s working out pretty great. Imagine a less lo-fi Bubble and Scrape, and you’ll get the idea of the new Secret ep, a teaser of sorts for a planned full-length album in 2013.

The Secret ep is streaming in its entirety and available for purchase at the Sebadoh Bandcamp page here, where you can also learn a bit more about the ep and the band’s plans for the future release. Pretty cool way of going about things.

Young Guv & the Scuzz ‘A Love Too Strong’

When los grillos last checked in with Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook, he’d just dropped a collection of singles from his garage/power-pop side project Marvelous Darlings via Deranged Records. Now from Cook–who also records as Young Governor and apparently never sets down his guitar or steps foot outside of a studio unless it’s onto a stage–comes a more polished power-pop release. Released as Young Guv & the Scuzz, A Love Too Strong is the result of Cook gathering together a talented group of musicians and hitting the studio “to make a high fidelity pop record with heavy influences from Guided By Voices, Tom Petty, and The Replacements.” Sounds like the dude succeeded. Add this one to the growing list of ragged, infectious power pop to soundtrack the summer of 2012 (see also, King Tuff, Nude Beach, Soul Asylum, The Sights and, of course, Guided By Voices to name just a few)

A Love Too Strong is out today via Southpaw Records. Check it out here.