Spook Houses ‘Trying’

Way back in August los grillos happened upon the dark balladry of Australia’s Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders, and through that discovery and the good folks at Indigenous working to promote the band we landed at the door of indie up-and-comers Spook Houses. Hailing from Ridgewood, NJ and citing the location and local favorite sons such as Titus Andronicus as major influences, Spook Houses strike a balance between that band’s angst-y drive and the skewed slack-rock anthems of Archers of Loaf. Debut album Trying, which dropped back in August, sees the young band finding its voice and holds plenty of promise for what’s to come.

Trying is out now via on 12″ vinyl via Evil Weevil Records. Check it out here. Or grab a copy on cassette via Double Double Whammy and Chill Mega Chill here.

Neurosis ‘Honor Found in Decay’

Masters of epic metal Neurosis are set to release Honor Found in Decay, their first album since 2007, and it’s massive, dark beast ready to pummel you into blissful submission. Dirge-y and doom-laden, it rocks massive riffs and artful atmospherics in bruisingly equal measure.

Honor Found in Decay is out October 30 via Neurot Recordings. Check it out here. The album is currently streaming in its entirety. Listen here.

Listen to opening track “We All Rage in Gold” below…

Kiss ‘Monster’

In time for the season of the witch, Kiss has released its latest Monster, and it’s a retro rocker with plenty of pomp, stomp, and romp to satisfy the teenage boy inside of anyone who still gets excited by a new Kiss record–a boy obsessed with sex, explosions, and loud, loud music. So if your body’s been achin’ for some big, dumb rock ‘n’ roll fun, Dr. Love is in the house and servin’ up a cold, hard shot of exactly what you need.

Monster is out now via Universal and available all over the damn place. Grab a copy from your favorite local record store.

The Sword ‘Apocryphon’

Kickstart your week with some Monday metal madness courtesy of The Sword! Apocryphon, the latest from Austin’s hard-chargin’ headbangers, is loaded and ready to burn, and the album is currently streaming in its entirety for your fist-pumping pleasure. Crank it up to 11 for another riff-heavy mystical metal gallop across the cosmos!

Apocryphon is out now via Razor & Tie. Check it out here.

Listen to the full stream via Spinner here.