The Steve Adamyk Band ‘Third’

Following up their hard-chargin’, toe-tappin’ sophomore effort, Forever Won’t Wait, with the aptly titled Third, The Steve Adamyk Band continues their knack for delivering stadium-sized hooks with garage-punk velocity. Leadoff track “Not a Witness” launches a tightly focused pop-punk attack, part Ramones-style one-two-three go! energy, part Bad Religion bombast. With a relentless, razor sharp melodic sensibility, the band grabs hold of your ear and doesn’t let go, even as the final notes of album closer “Won’t Let You Go” reverberate in your skull and your hand reaches for the replay button. Rinse, repeat, rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll.

Third is out via Dirtnap Records. Check it out here.

Church Shoes “High and Naked”

My buddy Schooley recently said of the song “High and Naked” by Austin rockers Church Shoes that he was glad that somebody can still write a hit in this shitty world. The relative shittiness of the world is, perhaps, debatable (and would have me worrying about ol’ Schooley if I didn’t know him to be a very together but endearingly cynical and curmudgeonly sort), but the declaration that the song is a hit is undeniable.

With it’s attention-grabbing title, shout-along chorus, driving guitar, and shredding solo followed by a breakdown that builds back to the chorus, the song is as catchy as they come and fun as hell, the way great rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be. It’s the type of song that was made for repeat listens, and one spin will have it churning through your head and ready for more. The self-titled album it comes from is loaded with good tunes, but this one is, indeed, the hit.

Buy a copy of the album here.

I’m looking forward to new music from Church Shoes somewhere down the line, but in the mean time, I’m biding my time with Pickup Lines, the great debut from Sweet Talk, another rockin’ good Austin band that features the guitar of Church Shoes guitarist/vocalist Mitch Frazier as well as members of Mind Spiders, Wiccans, VIDEO, and Pharaohs. If you’ve got a thing for frenzied, Cheap Trick flavored power pop, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Buy a copy of the album here (where you can also listen to the title track).