Dirty Fences ‘Too High To Kross’

Like a souped-up, hard-chargin’ 70s Fastback, Too High To Kross, the debut full-length from Brooklyn’s Dirty Fences, roars down the road and burns up the pavement with clean lines built for speed and a rumblin’ rhythm section under the hood. Packed with tight, fuzzed out rockers that clock in at 13 tracks in just over 30 minutes, its a short but raucous ride that takes the corners as fast as the straightaways, driven by and band that knows where it’s going and how it wants to get there. And underneath its garage punk grit is a power pop sheen that drives the whole thing into your brain with melodies as sticky as the finest kind you can find. When the ride’s over, you’ll be ready to turn it up, turn it over, and do it again.

Too High To Kross is out now via Volcom Entertainment. Check it out here.