Sinister Realm ‘World of Evil’

sinister realm - world of evil

On World of Evil, their third full-length effort for Shadow Kingdom Records, Allentown, PA’s Sinister Realm lay down another classic metal banger for today’s retro-minded rocker. If you’re the sort of metalhead who likes galloping into battle with Manowar, slinging steel with Maiden, or bringing up the rear with Dio, then you’ll want to raise your horns and pump your fist to the melodic mayhem of Sinister Realm’s doom-tinged World of Evil.¬†

World of Evil is out now via Shadow Kingdom Records. Check it out here.

Naam ‘Vow’

Back in June Brooklyn psychedelic, space-rockin’ fiends Naam dropped their sophomore full-length, Vow, and los grillos is damn glad to say we finally put it in rotation. Full of fiery, doom-laden trips into the void and spectral views of sonic destruction, Vow follows Hawkwind into the cosmos but keeps things grounded with chugging stoner-rock riffs reminiscent of 2012 tour mates Monster Magnet. We even hear a little Butthole Surfers in the unhinged, hallucinogenic vocals, and that suits us just fine. If you’re looking for a hard-charging trip into the ether, we think it’ll suit you too.

Vow is out now via Tee Pee Records. Check it out here.

The Janitors ‘Drone Head’

Swedish psych burnin’ bad asses and los grillos favorite, The Janitors, hooked up with UK label Cardinal Fuzz Records to turn out their full-length vinyl debut Drone Head. Combining the duo’s Worker Drone Queen and Head Honcho EPs, plus a couple of remixes and brand new track “Nevereverism,” into one handsome and handy double gatefold package, its grooves grind with mind-melting psych that roils and rumbles like the River Styx deep into the dark night of your psychedelic soul. Well worth picking up, even if you already have copies of the individual EPs.

Grab a copy over at Cardinal Fuzz Records or pick up a digital copy at The Janitors Bandcamp page here.

And here’s the video for slow-burning scorcher “Nevereverism”…