Death Cassettes ‘Ghost Party’

death cassettes

This nugget of lo-fi garage goodness from Harrisonburg, VA’s Death Cassettes landed in the los grillos inbox way back in January, and we’re somewhat remiss to not give it a mention until now as it grabbed our ears straight away. The seven songs on debut release Ghost Party lean towards Guided By Voices-style, having beers in the basement slack-fuzz (“The Fool”, “Upset”), but also include more tightly coiled rockers (“All the Time”), and fans of GBV– not to mention Ghost Party’s stated influences Jay Reatard and The Men– would do well to pick this one up. And with the anthemic angst of closing track “Disappointed” the band reveals its potential to move easily from the basement to the big stage, so los grillos looks forward to more music to come and a chance to catch ’em live.

Ghost Party is out now and available at the Death Cassettes Bandcamp page. Check it out here.