Dawnbringer ‘Night of the Hammer’

dawnbringer - night of the hammer

Chris Black, the Bob Pollard of the current underground metal scene, is back with los grillos’ favorite of his many bands, Dawnbringer, and new album Night of the Hammer. Like the album’s cover, this is a dark, foreboding affair– and it fucking rocks. A bit more classic metal in overall vibe than the more conceptual leanings of previous album Into the Lair of the Sun God, Night of the Hammer carries over the power-metal vibe of Black’s excellent High Spirits project, rocks a bit of mid-tempo doom, and even lays down some folk metal. Its a masterfully crafted mix that makes for a one helluva meaty heavy metal stew– and a serious contender for metal album of the year.

Night of the Hammer is out now via Profound Lore Records. Grab a copy here.

Midnight Priest “Hellbreaker”

midnight priest

With new tune “Hellbreaker” from upcoming lp Midnight Steel being sung in English and skewing more Turbo than Sad Wings of Destiny, Portuguese Judas Priest-indebted rockers Midnight Priest seem hell bent for breaking out to a larger audience, and deservedly so ’cause these dudes know how to do it. Whether its their self-titled debut album’s King Diamond-esque dark occult vibe or their new single’s ripped denim, fist pumping anthemics, the riffs are tight, the rhythms propulsive, and the vocals at the perfect spot between menace and scream. I can only assume from the “Hellbreaker” video that Midnight Priest is ready for faster cars, better drugs, and hotter chicks, or maybe just, you know, chicks, and I’m looking forward to pitching in the cost of an album to help get ’em there.

Midnight Steel is set to land via Slaney Records in late November. Check it out here.

2014 — The Year of Doom!


Doom typically traffics in crushing despair and existential sorrow brought on by shuffling through and then off this mortal coil in a world shroud in darkness and brought to its knees by its own lack of humanity. So maybe that’s why 2014– a year marked by war and disease and drought and riots and general humanity on humanity hatred– is shaping up to be a mighty fine year for doom. Not only are great fucking records being made, these records are crossing over to a larger, more mainstream audience. For example, the new album from Electric Wizard, doom masters of the highest order, streamed on NPR of all fucking places, and Yob and Pallbearer are pretty much slugging it out for album of the year. All of which means that equally crushing down-tempo destroyers are in the perfect place to either be buried by the headliners or ride their wave of success to a new found notoriety. The following tunes are from a few crushing riff masters with albums recently out or just over the horizon, and they demand to be heard– at top volume…