Northumbria ‘Bring Down the Sky’

northumbria 'bring down the sky'

Tagged as ambient metal, the duo that goes as Northumbria excel at ocean-sized, droning soundscapes that crash on the shore of the psyche in rolling waves of thickly distorted and manipulated guitar and bass tones. Alternately crushing and expansive and always epic, the five tracks on the band’s second lp rumble to the core of the soul then push it outward and lift it to the very sky they seek to bring down. Like some extended Neil Young and Crazy Horse instrumental improv workout on methadone, this is some massive, narcotic noise that’s heavy and weightless all at once as it slowly rolls in, filling the expanse of a gray winter sky.

Bring Down the Sky is out now via Consouling Sounds. Check it out here.

Apostle of Solitude ‘Of Woe and Wounds’

apostle of solitude

Los Grillos mentioned these masters of the mighty riff, Apostle of Solitude, a few weeks back as destined to join the ranks of 2014’s great doom bands, along with the likes of Electric Wizard, Pallbearer, and Yob. Now their full album, Of Woe and Wounds, is out as testament to the truth of our claim, and man does it ever fuckin’ testify. Mighty and melodic riffs, tight, pounding bass and drums, and powerful, clean vocals that rage from the deep, dark abyss of metal-physical anguish come together and crush, song after song, whether it’s a fierce gallop or a down-tempo dirge, so get them horns up and them heads a-bangin’ for this one. It’s just the thing to soundtrack the coming of winter.

Of Woe and Wounds is out now via Cruz Del Sur Music. Grab a copy here.