Visigoth ‘The Revenant King’


Utah knights of the power metal table raise their swords to the legacy of Manowar and march into battle with debut album The Revenant King. With hard-charging rhythms forged in the fire of the mighty riff and songs like “Dungeon Master” (featuring the chorus “Take a chance, roll the dice…he’s the dungeon master”), this thing is dragon-slayingly epic and unabashedly¬†reverent of the spirit of D&D. Makes me wanna hook up with a bunch of Dwarves, pound a few chalices of mead, and fuck shit up.

The Revenant King is out now via Metal Blade Records. Check it out here.

Outcast ‘Outcast’


The first big los grillos jam of the new year is something we’d stumbled upon last year but didn’t give a proper listen to until now– and we’re hella glad we did. A rough and tough debut from Melbourne’s Outcast, this ep rocks some big, bad old school metal with a sound grounded in a garage punk ethos. Loaded up with driving riffs and raging vocals, this metal blows the doors off of small clubs and rocks the ragtag tokers in the alley. This metal sports denim and leather, smokes filterless cigarettes, and drinks Jack from the bottle. This metal don’t fuck around.

Outcast is out now via Heavy Chains Records & Tapes. Check it out here.