Elephant Micah ‘Where in Our Woods’

elephant micah

Stark. Glacial. Haunting. Where in Our Woods, the latest from Elephant Micah, is minimalist folk at its best. The stripped down nature of the recording works to somehow lend its sparse, poetic discourse even greater weight. Don’t let the delicate picking of nylon strings or the soft swell of a pump organ fool you. This is some heavy, heavy shit. Elephant Micah has been hovering in the background of the indie folk scene for awhile now– an outsider’s outsider, a musician’s musician– but this album could (and should) bring him some wider recognition. At the very least, anyone who’s out there digging on the critically praised latest from Father John Misty should dig a little deeper and have a listen to this. It’s a different listen, to be sure– where Father John Misty’s latest is more layered and lush, more prone to long verses laced with bitter humor, Where in Our Woods is as stripped down as it gets, music-wise and words-wise. Yet, they’re headed to the same place of sharply realized observations and hard-won emotional truths.

Where in Our Woods is out now via Western Vinyl. Check it out here.

Synth-Horror Madness! Crypt Vapor and Nightsatan

crypt vapor

Alright, it’s Friday the 13th, so it’s a mighty fine time to get into some synth-horror soundtrack badassery straight outta pretty much everything Carpenter did in the 80s. Or Knight Rider. There’s a lot of folks wearing their Carpenter and Goblin influences on their sleeves these days, but a couple of albums that have really grabbed the ear of los grillos are Crypt Vapor’s Erotik Maniac and Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom by Nightsatan. With pulsing synths and ominous tones, both bands do right by their forebears, so if you’re looking for some musical accompaniment for a candlelit creep through the dark recesses of your mind, or maybe a score to your next sci-fi, post-apocalyptic heavy metal massacre, then look no further. Well, don’t look to Nightsatan for that, ’cause someone’s already beat you to it. Check this crazy shit out.


Erotik Maniac is out now via Heavy Chains Records & Tapes. Check it out here.

Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom is out now via Svart Records. Check it out here.

And while you’re digging on those that carry the Carpenter torch, don’t leave out the master himself, who’s back at it with the recently released Lost Themes.

Lost Themes is out now via Sacred Bones Records. Check it out here.


lost themes