Tim Foljahn ‘Fucking Love Songs’

tim foljahn

Two years after his languid, haunted slice of Americana, Songs For An Age Of Extinction, los grillos’s favorite twisted folk troubadour, Tim Foljahn, takes time out from his gig as a member of the Orange is the New Black bar band, Sideboob, to deliver another stellar addition to his ever-impressive body of work. Titled Fucking Love Songs, it’s an album that, from title to cover to contents, perfectly encapsulates Foljahn’s slightly skewed Cohen-isms. Just dig the way the stark, black and white album cover echoes Cohen’s Songs of Love and Hate, and the way Foljahn’s blend of meditative lyrics laced with wry humor reflects Cohen’s own poetic ruminations on life and love. Basically what I’m saying is that, like Cohen, Foljahn is a bad ass songwriting motherfucker. And Fucking Love Songs is another piece of evidence that I’m right.

Fucking Love Songs is out now via Kiam Records. Check it out here.

Possessor ‘Stay Dead’ EP

possessor - stay dead ep

With new ep Stay Dead, London’s noise-metal mongrels Possessor pick up right where last year’s lp Electric Hell left off, and that’s a mighty good starting point. Thickly distorted, relentless riffage? You bet. In the red, scarred and burned vocal menace? Hell yeah. Thunder-rumble bass? Yer fuckin’ a right. And just dig the cover that seems meant to bring to mind the debut album from doom godfathers Black Sabbath. Gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for when you crank the volume on this thing. I’ve been calling it thrash-punk-noise-doom, but call it whatever you want, this shit fuckin’ rocks.

Stay Dead is available now as a pay-what-you-will digital download from the Possessor Bandcamp site. Check it out here.