The Teen Age ‘Low Cunning’

the teen age

It’s always a mighty fine day when some great new rock and roll lands in the grillos email, hipping me to something I might not otherwise have heard, especially when it’s a band like The Teen Age, who play a seriously fuzzed out, hyper-melodic mix of garage punk grit and the sort of 80s underground sounds trafficked in by fellow Brooklyn rockers, The Denzels, who share members with The Teen Age. The band calls it “Doo Wop Garage,” and that’s a damned fine description of debut single “Low Cunning” and the way its broke down romanticism plays out over crunchy, jangling guitars in a three-minute burst of driving pop hooks. B-side “Pieces” is no less catchy for the cause, and together they mark a standout couple of tracks from a band the grillos looks forward to hearing more from soon.

Low Cunning is out now via Old Flame Records. Check it out here.