Billy and the Boingers “U Stink But I Love U”


In honor of Berke Breathed announcing this week that he’s bringing back the great Bloom County comic, los grillos would like to bring back the musical stylings of the Bloom County’s favorite punk rock roustabouts, Billy and the Boingers. “I’m a Boinger”, the A-side of the flexi disc that came with the Bloom County comic collection Billy and the Boingers Bootleg, was the winner of a contest to submit songs for the comic’s rock and roll rebels, but my favorite back when it dropped in ’87 was always B-side, “U Stink But I Love U”, recorded by Mucky Pup. Opus fuckin’ nails the tuba solo, man!

Clara Engel ‘A Little Slander, A Little Lace’

clara engel

Over here at the grillos I dig me some head banging rockers as much as I enjoy me some head hanging singer songwriters, and somewhere in between all of that I have more than a bit of fondness for dark grooves that cut through the middle of the two, often heavy of heart yet ethereal in their ghostly atmospherics. Enter Clara Engel, who came to los grillos through the seductive menace of her latest single A Little Slander, A Little Lace. Slinking vocals wind around an etherized, post-punk pulse as the music snakes through the darker recesses of your mind, the hidden chambers of your heart, asking you to turn off the lights, to burn a few candles, to pour another glass, to light another something, anything, to dance slowly, alone with the flickering shadows on the walls. It’s a haunting single, and a mighty fine introduction to Clara Engel’s bluesy, experimental laments.

A little Slander, A Little Lace is out now via Clara Engel’s Bandcamp site. Check it out here (where you can also pick up her other releases).