Mark Lanegan ‘Houston (Publishing Demos 2002)’

mark lanegan - houston

Mark Lanegan has a new album out. It’s called Houston (Publishing Demos 2002). It’s on Ipecac Recordings. It’s folky and dusty and weathered and beaten and uplifting and meditative. And it is, like all things Lanegan, superfly fucking badass. As badass as its cover. If I were you, I’d go buy it.

Houston is out now via Ipecac. Check it out here. (There was a delay with the vinyl version; I hear it’ll be out on October 2nd.)

Rikky ‘Das Gesicht’

das gesicht

Like the oil painting that graces its cover, Das Gesicht, the latest from Ricky Lindén– under the moniker Rikky– is layered and eerie and packs a remarkable amount of feeling into a small space. In just four short tracks the album moves through haunting atmospherics and deceptively simple off-kilter psych-folk that upon first blush appears as a lonely, stripped bare acoustic in mourning, but repeated listens reveal new layers of manipulated sound that hisses, echoes, and drones behind brooding vocals and dark melodies. Rikky’s guitar is definitely in mourning, but it’s not alone.

Das Gesicht is out now via mrs.vee recordings. Check it out here. Or pick up a copy at Rikky’s Bandcamp site here.