Pigs ‘Wronger’ and Sofy Major ‘Waste’


France’s Solar Flare Records is soundtracking one helluva (noise) Rock-tober with new releases from Pigs and Sofy Major that have come to crush your headspace with relentless riffage run through a wood chipper along with, we assume, a few bottles of rotgut, a sheet or two of acid, and a box of rusty nails. From Pigs comes sophomore album Wronger, a shredding, grinding rager of a record that does well by the legacy of grillos favorite Unsane– which makes a helluva lot of sense given that Unsane bassist Dave Curran straps on the guitar for Pigs records.

sofy major

Curran got behind the boards for Sofy Major’s third lp, Waste, and his production serves well the band’s punishing melodies. Everything is big here, from the pummel of the drums to the rumble of the bass to the distorted vocal yowl (or david yow(l), if you’re into shitty puns– and the grillos loves a good shitty pun). But for all of the racket– and this is true of the Pigs record too– the songs are all, like with the best of the noise-rockin’ bands (Hammerhead, Barkmarket, Jesus Lizard, aforementioned Unsane, you get the picture), fuckin’ catchy as hell. So if that’s your bag, dig in and rock out. And if it ain’t your bag, well, maybe it should be.

Pigs’ Wronger is out now, and Sofy Major’s Waste lands on October 30, both via Solar Flare. Check ’em out here.