Ram ‘Svbversvm’


Last time los grillos checked in on Sweden’s Ram, we were throwin’ our cricket horns up for Under Command, a split album with fellow Swedish metal fiends Portrait where the bands trade hits on each others’ tracks in addition to knocking out a couple of originals and covers of classics from Exciter and Kiss. Ram’s original “Savage Machine” was just that, and their cover of Kiss’s “Creatures of the Night” almost got me to drop the needle on my old Kiss albums. (Almost– then Gene Simmons, the Duke of Douchebaggery, popped into my head and I couldn’t do it.)

Now Ram’s back with a new long player, and it picks up where “Savage Machine” left off with a rabid intensity. Equal parts leather-clad NWOBHM and dark-robed, face-painted occult metal, new album Svbversvm loves to rock the fuck out as much as it hates the letter “u”, and even when the band switches the pace from double-kick overdrive to mid-tempo gallop, it never switches off the metal-tude. With a tight-riffed attack led by a vocal charge that has just the right amount of snarl in its soar, Ram hits the sweet spot between King Diamond and Dio, and anyone who’s ever hoisted a few in honor of those two towering metal infernos will find more than enough reason to crack one open and crank up Svbversvm.

Svbversvm is out now via Metal Blade Records. Check it out here.