Dawnbringer ‘XX’

dawnbringer xx

Seemingly from out of nowhere comes this cause for horn throwin’, head bangin’ celebration. Chris Black, Chicago’s fount of heavy metal, ┬áhas dropped a new Dawnbringer EP called XX, and it’s five tracks of dark and melodic metal with a crisp production that combines the tight and shiny aspects of Black’s High Spirits with the more sprawling existential despair of what he tends to do with Dawnbringer. What I love about Dawnbringer is it reminds me of the metal that rattled my speakers in my youth but without pandering or seeming like a surface level throwback to the past. There’s always a depth to Black’s music that makes it stand out from the rest of the retro-rocking pack. And fuckin’ hell if the dude doesn’t know his way around a hook. With big riffs and melody to spare, XX is bound to be the catchiest, hardest rocking album “dedicated to death” that you’ll hear all year. Or ever.

XX is out now and available at the Dawnbringer Bandcamp site. Check it out here.