OCCY ‘No Way’


It makes sense that Tommy Hinga headed back to his native West Coast after spending time in Brooklyn with The Denzels and before creating his solo effort, No Way, under the moniker OCCY. On No Way, Hinga starts with his previous band’s garage rock Echo and the Bunnymen vibe, then runs things through a psych filter steeped in the DNA of San Francisco’s music lineage. Crisp, melodic bass lines, fuzzed-out guitar jangle, and reverb-saturated, deep-well vocals, all awash in layers of murky keys, come together in 2-3 minute psych-pop bursts interspersed with a few slightly more adventurous synth tunes. Taken as a whole, the overall feel  of the album is, los grillos imagines, not unlike the aural equivalent of waking at dawn on a fog-rolled beach as somewhere behind the heavy grey day the sun is just starting to think about warming its way through the constant cool breeze that chills your bones and makes you wish you had a lighter instead of matches or damned if you might never get that joint lit. But then, at last and last match, success! And then you draw deep, lie back and exhale, and watch the smoke mingle and dance with the fog as it rolls onward toward the city.

No Way is out now via Admirable Traits Records. Check it out here.