Verdun ‘The Eternal Drift’s Canticles’



Verdun [ver-duhn, vur-; French ver-dœn]

  1. A fortress city in NE France, on the Meuse River. A German offensive was stopped there in 1916 in the bloodiest fighting of World War I.
  1. A band from France whose debut album, The Eternal Drift’s Canticles, mixed and mastered by the great Tad Doyle, delivers a slow, low, and melodic aural pummeling cut from the same sonic cloth as Mr. Doyle’s Brothers. A band so crushingly heavy that it, too, could turn back a massive German offensive. And there would be blood. At the very least, eardrums would bleed.

Get ready for the crushing.

The Eternal Drift’s Canticles is out now via Lost Pilgrims Records. Check it out here.