Boyfrndz ‘Impulse’


Impulse, the latest from Austin’s Boyfrndz, starts with a hyper-melodic riff and vocal punch that immediately pulled me in for a wholly absorbing psych-tinged, prog-metal ride, which surprises the fuck out of me because I don’t usually go in for prog (and I pretty much can’t fucking stand The Mars Volta, a likely critical touchstone for folks talking about this album).

But then, I am a huge fucking Queensryche fan, and though members of Boyfrndz might tell me to piss off for making the comparison, I honestly don’t think you have to travel too far down the prog-metal road to get from here to here. Or here. (And don’t get me wrong, I mean this as a compliment. And I’m not talking about stadium-sized, “Silent Lucidity”-era soft-Ryche, I’m talking about Warning and Rage for Order Ryche ‘n’ Roll.)

Anyway, the Ryche is a bit more metal and bit less, say, Radiohead, in its prog leanings, but I’m guessing members of Queensryche and Boyfrndz have worn out the same Pink Floyd albums. And both bands have a knack for melody and not getting so lost in the technical side of things that they forget to keep shit catchy. Between that and having successfully brought together myriad influences, beyond prog, to create a unique sound– and an epic, emotional album– Boyfrndz perhaps transcend the limits of a Queensryche comparison. But even if they didn’t, that’d be okay, ’cause I don’t give a fuck what you say– the Ryche rules.

Impulse is out now via Brutal Panda Records. Check it out here. Or grab a copy from the Boyfrndz Bandcamp site here.