Heyrocco ‘Waiting on Cool’

waiting on cool

On their latest, Waiting on Cool, Charleston, South Carolina’s Heyrocco announce their 90’s influences loudly and proudly, launching straight out of the gate with the hard-driving, hyper-melodic “Yeah” before easing into┬áthe slack-rockin’ “It’s Always Something New”. Over the rest of the 6-track ep, they strike a balance between the two on guitar-driven, hook-filled songs that hit all the indie/alt-rock touchstones (that the parents of these young dudes’ likely had rockin’ on the cd player while they were still rockin’ in their cribs). However the fuzzed-out, earnest angst of the nineties came to the members of Heyrocco, it clearly had a lasting impact that they bring to their music, from the off-kilter edge of Built to Spill to Weezer’s ear-worm anthems to the radio ready pop/punk of Jimmy Eat World. Just the thing for a little burst of head-bobbin’ energy to get you through the sun-scorched doldrums of summer.

Waiting on Cool is out now via Dine Alone Records. Check it out here.