Black Tomb ‘Black Tomb’


Los grillos isn’t always down for guttural, Cookie Monster howls or anguished, gravel-throated yowls when cranking up the metal, but given the general state of the post-election union, a little guttural howling and anguished yowling seems more than a bit appropriate, so we’re happy to say that Black Tomb is here to soundtrack the coming Trump-ocalypse.  As sinister as the cover suggests and driven by raging vocals and mammoth-stomping, face-melting riffs, Black Tomb’s self-titled debut wails into the abyss with the best of metal’s dark lords. Fans of Cough and Windhand and the almighty Electric Wizard would do well to set their ears to bleeding and their souls to searing with this one.

Black Tomb is out now and available digitally via the Black Tomb Bandcamp site.

Cassette fans should hit up the good folks at Graven Earth Records— who released the cassette version of the latest from los grillos’s favorite new haunted headbangers, Possessor. While you’re there, check out Songs and Dances of Death, the new slab of blackened thrash madness from Sarcoptes, and Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum, a soaring symphony of black metal bliss from Chile’s Sol Sistere.

This ain’t music for healing. This is the sound of resistance. Turn it way the fuck up.