Planning For Burial ‘Matawan – Collected Works 2010-2014’

planning for burial

As a follow up to Below the House, his third lp of dense, doom-y pavanes to solitude, Thom Wasluck, the man behind Planning For Burial, recently released Matawan. A collection of works recorded between his debut and sophomore lps, Matawan shines a light on the various musical incarnations of Wasluck’s beautifully dark vision. From floating drones to walls of thickly distorted anguish to crackling, hissing lo-fi soundscapes, there’s a thread of heavy sorrow– or is it simply tired resignation?– woven through each work that ties the collection together. And despite the weight of it all, there’s catharsis to be found in the experience of moving through it as a listener. Hopefully, there’s also catharsis found in the creation. (Otherwise, I worry a bit for the creator. Dude’s got a heavy soul.)

Matawan is out now via The Flenser. Check it out here.

Drowning Horse ‘Sheltering Sky’

drowning horse

Welcome to the beautiful brutality of Australia’s Drowning Horse. If you, like the cricket, missed Sheltering Sky back when it landed in 2015– and if you, like the cricket, are a fan of dense, crushing soundscapes– then you owe it to yourself to reach back to this one. Painted with glacial guitar riffs, percussion that sounds like it was pounded out on the devil’s eardrums by giants using dinosaur bones, and vocals that move between blackened howls and meditative drones akin to Tuvan throat singing, this thing is equal parts storm and eye– and all menace.

Sheltering Sky is out and available via Art As Catharsis Records. Check it out here.

Livid ‘Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes’


From the belly of the beast of the abyss, Livid comes rumbling and howling with debut lpĀ Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes. If the barrage of constant bullshit we call the current state of our Trumped up government has you feeling barely a foot or so shy of six feet under, meld your mind to Livid’s dark, bludgeoning groove as they rise from the rubble of despair and fight fire with scorched earth riffage. There’s solace to be found in their crushing, bellowing rage.

Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes is out now via Prosthetic Records. Check it out here.