Sam Baker ‘Land of Doubt’

sam baker land of doubt

Texas singer-songwriter Sam Baker is possessive of a singular voice, not just in the unique quality of his delivery– a sort of lean, half-spoken, slightly off-kilter drawl– but in his sparse, impressionistic poetic vision. With Land of Doubt, that vision is fully realized and wholly affecting. His talent as a writer has, over the years, drawn comparison to greats like Townes and Prine, but he also brings to mind, for me, favorites like Vic Chesnutt and Warren Zevon, if only because, like them (and Townes and Prine), his voice is so singular that he exists in a class all his own. (And I’d love to see him share a bill with Will Johnson. That show would fucking crush the audience.) He’s a true road poet, a troubadour, a lifer for the cause, who spins yarns of shadowed lives and spiritual yearning cast against austere arrangements, and the world he creates and the emotions he stirs with Land of Doubt resonate long after the last note rings out.

Land of Doubt is out now. Check it out at the Sam Baker website.

The Body & Full of Hell ‘Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light’

the body full of hell

This should be the collective sound of America right now. Pure, unrelenting, howling rage. Trump is not playing politics to avoid his base. He is not pandering to his base. Motherfucker is his base. Fuck that guy and the white power horse he rode in on.

Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light is out on November 17 via Thrill Jockey Records. Check it out here.

Flying Fortress ‘Bitchwind’

flying fortress

Flying Fortress is singularly unique in how seamlessly they meld heavy metal and punk. Certain tracks (“Fast Mover” is a good example) feel like staring at one of those optical illusion drawings (e.g. “Is it a rabbit or a duck? I can only see one at a time! Is it morphing back and forth before my eyes? Could it be both at once? Is that even possible?!”).

Plus it’s just a hell of a lot of fun. Stoner metal overtones enter in on occasion as well… only to be layered with NWOBHM leads. And yet it all feels completely organic, catchy, and not confusing at all. Rockin’ good times.

Bitchwind is out now via Uncle D Records. Check it out at the Flying Fortress Bandcamp site.