Gardens: a Short Imagined Dialogue between Iggy Pop and Lou Reed

Somewhere in New York:

Iggy :  Hey, Lou.

Lou:  IGGY! How are you?

Iggy: Ok.  Hey, Lou, do you remember the days when we were still using —  back in the 70’s?

Lou: Remember would be putting it loosely.

Iggy:  You know what I mean!  When we were part of the scene and we couldn’t remember who we slept with or what day it was.

Lou: Speak for yourself, stooge.

Iggy:[Staring daggers]  …Yeah, I forgot you probably kept some pathetic journal or something.

[Lou blinks a few times at Iggy over his wire rimmed spectacles.]

Lou:  It was great seeing you Iggy. I got to go.

Iggy:  No, wait!  There’s this band … you got to hear them. They’ll take you back to the early days when what we were doing was something fresh, and who we were doing was another story altogether.

Lou: O.K., Iggy, I’ll give ’em a listen. Then let’s call David and see if he can’t meet us at the Chelsea for a few drinks. Shall we?

Iggy: ??

Gardens – Maze Time by alivenaturalsound

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