Girls — “Vomit”

The 2009 debut by Girls, Album, was loaded with golden pop nuggets that practically emitted rays of sunshine from their jangly guitar lines, but lyrically the songs laid bare the soul of one seriously damaged dude. Now comes “Vomit,” the first advance single from Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Girls’ forthcoming second lp (on the heels of last year’s appropriately titled Broken Dreams Club ep), and this time the music matches the mood while also revealing a band determined to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump by:

1. Calling the album “Record 3”. (This release will be the band’s third album but only its second full-length effort, so it’s not really “Record 3”. More like “Record 2 1/2”. Anyway.)

2. Continuing to, as with the Broken Dreams Club ep, grow as a band and move beyond the Beach Boys via Elvis Costello-isms of Album while retaining a strong sense of melody.

“Vomit,” as vomit can sometimes be after a long night spent drinking away one’s lovelorn blues, is positively epic as it builds from a simple lyric and guitar phrase to a feverishly emotional gospel-soul finale–imagine Spiritualized covering Pink Floyd.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost is out September 13 via True Panther. Check it out here.

Girls – Vomit

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