Neil Young!

Neil Young has a new album! It’s called Le Noise, it was produced as a collaboration with Daniel Lanois, and it’s set to hit shelves on September 28. Randy Lewis, a lucky bastard music journalist for the Los Angeles Times, was among a group of assorted folks invited to hear the album at Lanois’ Silver Lake home. His words make it sound like it’s pretty damn awesome. I’m willing to bet that’s true ’cause, you know, it’s Neil Young.

Read what Mr. Lewis had to say here.

I’m a lucky bastard blogger who saw Neil Young on his recent Twisted Road tour at a stop in Austin. I loved it all, but one of the highlights was “Hitchhiker,” the gritty narrative that serves as a confessional travelogue of Young’s sometimes substance-enhanced musical journey through life.

Here’s “Hitchhiker” live from the DC stop on the same tour.

And in more Neil Young news, solo artist and Fleet Fox J. Tillman recently took on, in its entirety, Young’s dark masterpiece, Tonight’s The Night, bringing to it his own scratched falsetto and haunted acoustic strumming. Many thanks to the always great Aquarium Drunkard for hipping readers to these tunes.

Check it out here.

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