Lissie | Why You Runnin’

I missed Lissie’s debut ep Why You Runnin’ when it came out on Fat Possum back in November ’09, but was turned on to it not long ago by the folks at Aquarium Drunkard. Lissie’s bio, posted on her Fat Possum page, describes her as a California farmhouse-livin’, wine-drinkin’ loner and the rustic folk of these tunes, sung in a voice that is both sweetly scented and scarred, like a Hot Toddy mixed with cheap whiskey or one of Neil Young’s infamous honey slides, reflects that lifestyle. Check it out…

If you’re in Austin in March, you can catch Lissie at one of her many SXSW performances. See dates below…

Mar 17 1:00pm @ Galaxy Room

Mar 18 3:00pm @ Stompin’ Grounds

Mar 18 8:00pm @ The Parish

Mar 19 1:15pm @ Beauty Bar

Mar 19 9:30pm @ St. David’s Historic Sanctuary

Mar 20 2:15pm @ Red Eyed Fly

The Soft Pack!

The Soft Pack, formerly The Muslims, rock it straight ahead garage-punk style on their self-titled debut, out on Kemado Records. Producer Eli Janney, of 90’s alt-rockers Girls Against Boys, keeps things lean, mean, and clean on an album filled with up-tempo toe-tappers that brings to mind some of my favorite Twin/Tone rockers. On relentlessly catchy lead-off track “C’mon” the band sounds like a slightly less torn and frayed Soul Asylum, or a less shambling Replacements. When I hear it I just wanna crack open a cold Corona and watch really hot chicks play beach volleyball. (I realize I’ve just listed a few descriptions that could come off as insults, but I mean them as compliments–really.) This music will pick you up and get you movin’ right up to the front of the stage as you sing along to its unhinged melody. Check it out…

It’s available as MP3s from LaLa.

Or you can pick it up online from Kemado.

And, of course, you can always buy it at your local record store.

And if you’re in Austin, you can catch The Soft Pack during SXSW at some free day parties as well as at their official showcase. See times below…

Mar 18 – 9:30pm @ Stubbs

Mar 19 – 4:15pm @ Trailer Space Records

Mar 20 – 2:00pm @ Waterloo Records

Mar 21 – 3:45pm @ the Mess with Texas party




Roky Erickson | True Love Cast Out All Evil

Roky Erickson, legendary 13th Floor Elevators frontman, psych forerunner, and acid casualty, records again! It’s creeping up on 15 years since Roky Erickson has released an album of new original material, and just over a decade since Emperor Jones released Never Say Goodbye, an album of recordings culled from Roky’s time incarcerated at Rusk State Hospital. His recovery from a troubled past, documented in the moving film You’re Gonna Miss Me, has led to increased public performances, but True Love Cast Out All Evil, coming April 20th from Anti- Records with Okkervil River as Roky’s band, marks a long-awaited return to the studio. Judging from advance single “Goodbye Sweet Dreams,” and from Okkervil frontman and album producer Will Sheff’s own words about the project, Roky couldn’t have picked a better band to back his return to the spotlight.

The album features songs written by Roky over the course of his long career, from the Elevators to the Aliens and beyond, and a few appear to be fully realized versions of raw gems from the Rusk recordings. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve done with “Birds’d Crash” .  

Listen to “Goodbye Sweet Dreams” on the Anti- website here.

Listen to “Goodbye Sweet Dreams” at Pitchfork here.

Join the official mailing list and get a free download of “Goodbye Sweet Dreams” here!

True Love Cast Out All Evil:

01. Devotional Number One
02. Ain’t Blues Too Sad
03. Goodbye Sweet Dreams
04. Be and Bring Me Home
05. Bring Back The Past
06. Please Judge
07. John Lawman
08. True Love Cast Out All Evil
09. Forever
10. Think Of As One
11. Birds’d Crash
12. God Is Everywhere


A much anticipated album in the land of los grillos will hit record stores on May 11 when Dead Oceans releases the Phosphorescent album Here’s To Taking It Easy. Coming on the heels of last year’s To Willie, an alternately narcotic waltz and boozy swing through Willie Nelson’s catalog, the latest from Matthew Houck and his traveling band shows that they learned a country thing or two from ol’ Willie. Check out the lead off track “It’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)”–it might name drop Alabama in the title, but this song struts with southwest Texas swagger. This is a hot summer drive with a cold Lone Star between your legs, open road in front you, and big Texas sky above you, fist-pumpin’ anthem–swingin’ cosmic country, Doug Sahm style, with horns replacing Augie Meyer’s organ.

Listen to the new song on the Dead Oceans website here.

Listen to the new song at Pitchfork here.

Dr. Dog!

I loved Dr. Dog first for their name, before I’d heard a lick of music. I just liked saying it — Dr. Dog! Then I heard the music and loved Dr. Dog all the more. The name Dr. Dog has always brought to my mind Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, the muppets rock band that comes off as a 60’s/70’s supergroup playing ramshackle pop. Turns out that’s also what Dr. Dog sounds like. Witness the song Shadow People from their forthcoming album Shame, Shame, out April 6 on ANTI Records. It carries on in Dr. Dog’s grand tradition of being melodic and messy, and sounds to me a bit like the Electric Mayhem funneled through the mellow psychedelia of the Flaming Lips. Can you picture that?