The Janitors ‘Horn ur Marken’

the janitors

The Janitors, Sweden’s supersonic psychedelic shamans, are back with Horn ur Marken, a new lp of head-trippin’ heaviness, and the cricket is crankin’ it loud.

(The cricket is also aware that alliteration is a poor substitute for good writing, but hey, the cricket is a poor substitute for a good writer, so fuck it!)


These dark dealers of dense, droning dread are doing what they do better than ever, and Horn ur Marken is the sound of a band that’s pulled off the none-too-easy trick of playing with complete confidence in their craft without settling into a groove that threatens to become a rut. Instead, they use their confidence to push themselves even further, crafting hypnotic walls of sound laced with sitar-esque guitar textures. The band calls this album a “tiny piece of protest,” and in these dark days can, we can use all the protest we can get, so grab this one, turn it up, and let The Janitors clean the cobwebs from the corners of your mind.

Horn ur Marken is out now via Cardinal Fuzz. Check it out here.

Mt. Mountain ‘Dust’

mt. mountain

With new lp Dust, Perth, Australia’s Mt. Mountain rock a hypnotic blend of metal, psych, and drone. This album is fucking patient– and all the more menacing for it. This ain’t some gnarling wolf, flying at you with a howl and a gnashing of teeth. This thing is a leopard, crouching low in the grass, stealthy, waiting for just the right moment to attack. And then it does.

Dust is out now via Cardinal Fuzz. Check it out here. Or at the Mt. Mountain Bandcamp site.

Power Trip ‘Nightmare Logic’

power trip

Texas thrashers Power Trip come ripping on their sophomore album Nightmare Logic, making the old new again with their own punk-infused take on classic thrash metal. Like the Big Four before them, Power Trip worship  at the altar of the riff, and their faith has delivered because this is some almighty powerful metal. Razor sharp production, shredded snarl vocals, and a locked in back beat that keeps the intensity focused and the pounding relentless make this growling beast a step up from what was an already pretty badass debut, Manifest Decimation, and one that any and all metal fans will want in their collection.

Nightmare Logic is out now via Southern Lord. Grab a copy there, via the Power Trip Bandcamp site, or at your friendly neighborhood record store.

Circle Pit ‘Society Burns’

circle pit

The German word “lügenpresse” translates in English to “lying press”. It was infamously used by the Nazis to discredit the media and suppress the truth about the horrors of the Nazi regime. It’s been resurrected by America’s so-called “Alt-Right” douchebags. And it’s being used by Trump to encourage people to question facts and only believe the incomprehensible prattling from his taco bowl-hole or whatever all-caps nonsense his tiny hands pound into Twitter. He just translates it as “fake news”.

There’s plenty of Trump criticism going around these days, and it can be a bit overwhelming, which is mayhap why I’m so fond of Austin’s hardcore thrash hounds Circle Pit’s straightforward take on things in the lead-off track to their September 2016 release, Society Burns: “Trump, you suck”.

And for those who like their resistance to lean a little more towards hilarious absurdity, there’s the batshit crazy greatness that is Anal Trump. Crank up and enjoy.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that both of the above albums are available via Bandcamp, and today, February 3rd, Bandcamp is donating 100 Percent of its share of sales to ACLU. Many bands are, in turn, donating their share as well. Go buy something cool and support those on the front lines of the fight for truth, freedom, and equality. You know, good ol’ fashioned American ideals.

Question. Resist. Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Black Tomb ‘Black Tomb’


Los grillos isn’t always down for guttural, Cookie Monster howls or anguished, gravel-throated yowls when cranking up the metal, but given the general state of the post-election union, a little guttural howling and anguished yowling seems more than a bit appropriate, so we’re happy to say that Black Tomb is here to soundtrack the coming Trump-ocalypse.  As sinister as the cover suggests and driven by raging vocals and mammoth-stomping, face-melting riffs, Black Tomb’s self-titled debut wails into the abyss with the best of metal’s dark lords. Fans of Cough and Windhand and the almighty Electric Wizard would do well to set their ears to bleeding and their souls to searing with this one.

Black Tomb is out now and available digitally via the Black Tomb Bandcamp site.

Cassette fans should hit up the good folks at Graven Earth Records— who released the cassette version of the latest from los grillos’s favorite new haunted headbangers, Possessor. While you’re there, check out Songs and Dances of Death, the new slab of blackened thrash madness from Sarcoptes, and Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum, a soaring symphony of black metal bliss from Chile’s Sol Sistere.

This ain’t music for healing. This is the sound of resistance. Turn it way the fuck up.