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The Golden Boys ‘Better Than Good Times’

golden boys

Ever wonder what it would sound like if the members of the best damn rock ‘n’ roll band in Austin got together after about five or so years, corralled a bit of controlled chaos and grit and melody, and channeled it into their best damn record since their last best damn record ?  Me too! And now that I know, I’ve been spinnin’ The Golden Boys Better Than Good Times like a motherfuckin’ top!

Better Than Good Times is out now via 12XU, and available there and via Bandcamp. Rock it.

Shawn David McMillen ‘On the Clock with JJ and Mitch’

shawn david mcmillen

The funniest thing happened when I dropped the needle for the first time on the latest from Shawn David McMillen, On the Clock with JJ & Mitch— the damn thing got me stoned. One minute I was puttering around the house, cleaning things up, organizing random shit, and the next I was on the couch, high as hell and deep in peaceful thought about how true it so often is that the simpler things in life are the finer things in life are. And the thing is, I hadn’t even been thinking about getting high. I don’t think I even had any weed. It’s like the record twisted up a nice fat joint, stuck it in my mouth, and lit the thing without me even noticing. Until, of course, I noticed. Which was right around the time the album’s idiosyncratic, often easy-going groove pulled me in and set me to rolling along at its rhythm.

The folks at Trailer Space (where you should head, if you can, to buy this record– and maybe stumble into a shot or a hit or some other such thing with Shawn and JJ and Mitch while you’re at it) call this Shawn’s pop record. And a contrast between it’s decidedly constructed, catchy melodies and the broke down, fucked up blues of Shawn’s last album, Dead Friends, makes it easy to see their point. But it also has some nice guitar freakout moments that make it seem like his electric free jazz record. Or maybe its just one of the best distillations of his myriad influences and distinct sensibility he’s yet laid to wax.

In any case, anyone who’s a fan of the unfortunately dubbed freak-folk scene, or anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Six Organs of Admittance record, or maybe one of Steve Gunn’s recent efforts, or anyone who’s prone to running out to pick up the latest reissue of some lost psych-folk/loner-folk/country-folk/whatever-the-fuck folk album, should run out and grab this one straight away. Then you’ll get to say you had it before it became a lost classic. And it’ll get you high. Now if that’s not a great fuckin’ record, I don’t know what is.

On the Clock with JJ & Mitch is out now via 12xu. Check it out here. Or go grab a copy over at Trailer Space.

The Dead Space ‘Faker’

the dead space - faker

I’ve been waiting for this one ever since I saw The Dead Space fucking crush it at Trailer Space Records one sunny afternoon during this year’s SXSW. Apparently the band had already been around for a bit at that point and it showed, as it does on their debut lp Faker. Featuring deep, dark vocals and loaded with ominous, hyper-melodic bass lines locked in with propulsive drums and punctured and punctuated with shards of guitar squall, all of which come together in crashing, anthemic choruses, the album might easily be filed away as yet another Joy Division-indebted, post-punk platter. But the band’s foreboding grooves are so fucking tight– yet loose enough to let the guitar drift out then cut back in, ripping and tearing at the melody before grabbing hold and driving the whole thing forward– that it’s clear these ain’t just a bunch of hackneyed revivalists. The Dead Space got the goods and deliver them with the kind of raw, guts-on-the-garage-floor intensity that only comes from motherfuckers who mean it.

Faker is out now via 12XU. Grab a copy here.

Church Shoes ‘Loves’

A bit back we poked our mostly-absent los grillos head in to chirp the praises of Austin rockers, Church Shoes, and their shoulda-been-a-hit single, “High and Naked,” from the band’s damned fine self-titled album. At the time we also mentioned eagerly awaiting what would come next from the band, so los grillos is psyched to say that the wait is over, and the latest from Church Shoes, Loves, is out in the world for our, and your, listening pleasure. Loaded with hard-chargin’ rockers and mid-tempo toe-tappers, Loves ‘ ten tracks blend well-crafted melodies and gritty guitar slaying bite into a rock ‘n’ roll boilermaker that goes down like the shots of Powers chased with whatever beer happens to be on hand that you can find the band enjoying at the counter of Austin’s finest record store, Trailer Space.

And as fine a couple of albums as these are, to really let the pure pleasure of Church Shoes fill your bones, los grillos highly recommends catching them live. The good news is the band’s about to head out on tour, starting with a tour kick-off show in Austin. Here’s the dates and locations…

3/30 – Austin, TX @ Beerland

And then…

4/1 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
4/2 – Port Arthur, TX @ Kings Cue Stick
4/3 – Shreveport, LA @ Bears on Fairfield
4/5 – Atlanta, GA @ 97 Estoria w/ Dino’s Boys
4/6 – Knoxville, TN @ Ground Swell Collective
4/7 – Ashville, NC @ Double Crown
4/8 – Washington, D.C. @ Dunes
4/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Jowe Head
4/10 – New York City, NY @ Cake Shop w Hectors Pets
4/11 – Detroit, MI @ Pj’s Lager House
4/12 – Detroit, MI @ Garden Bowl
4/13 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Pint n Slice
4/14 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Brass Rail
4/17 – Chicago, IL @ Owl Bar
4/18 – Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero w/ uh OH
4/19 – Madison, WI @ Mickeys
4/20 – Carbondale, IL @ Ski House
4/21 – Nashville, TN w/ Natural Child
4/22 – Memphis, TN @ Lamplighter
4/23 – Tulsa, OK @ The Yeti
4/24 – Ft. Worth, TX @ Lolas

Loves is out now. Grab a copy over at Trailer Space (bring beer!) or order it online via 12XU Records here.

The Golden Boys ‘Dirty Fingernails’

There hasn’t been much time for new tunes listenin’ around los grillos way this week, but that hardly matters because all I want to listen to these days is the latest from Austin’s finest rock ‘n’ roll band The Golden Boys. If you’re reading this–and I’m talking to all three of you–you should listen to it too.

Buy it over at Trailer Space Records if you can. If not, buy it straight from the label, 12xu, here.