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Neil Young ‘Hitchhiker’


At long last, just over 40 years after it was recorded during a single August night in 1976, Neil Young’s Hitchhiker sees an official release. And what a release it is. Packed with known and loved songs, most of which have seen the light of day in one form or another over the years, Hitchhiker is pure, raw Neil– guitar, voice, harmonica, some piano, recorded straight through, excepting a few pauses for, according to his memoir Special Deluxe, “weed, beer, or coke.” Outside of stumbling upon him at some little known roadhouse bar, this is as raw and pure as it gets, and it’s worth rushing out to buy just to hear him roll through an acoustic version of “Powderfinger”. But then there’s the ever-enigmatic “Pocahontas”. The crushing “Give Me Strength”. The searching, wandering artist travelogue of the title track. And “Campaigner,” which draws a straight line from Nixon to our current Oompa-Loompa-in-Chief. Really, though, the pleasure is hearing the album as a whole piece, cover to cover, from the opening “You ready, Briggs?” to the last fading notes of “The Old Country Waltz”. Though the recordings have the feel and charm of demos, the album as a whole has the feeling of a fully realized vision, and you owe it to yourself– and to Neil– to hear it that way.

Hitchhiker is out now via Reprise and available pretty much anywhere you can buy music. Hook your local record store up with a few bucks, and yourself up with a great fuckin’ record.

Los Grillos Favorites of 2012…So Far…

So far, it’s been a great year for new music and, having just passed the six month mark for the year, los grillos thought we’d take stock of the rock we’ve been digging the most since the ball dropped for 2012. Kicking things off is Austin’s finest rock and roll rowdies, The Golden Boys…

Elliott Smith “Harvest Moon”

photo by paul heartfield

Back in the days when I was pretending to be a musician, I had it in my head that I wanted my songs to, style-wise, bring together my love of Neil Young and Elliott Smith. Unfortunately, I was, and am, a horrible guitarist and an even worse singer, and I’m lazy about practicing, so I fell a bit short of my lofty ambitions. Here’s something that doesn’t…

Phosphorescent Cover Neil Young!

Having shown what he can do with a Willie song or two on the album To Willie, Matthew Houck has now put his country rockin’ stamp on a Neil Young tune with the recent Phosphorescent cover of Neil’s “Are You Ready For The Country?”. That’s right, los grillos number one favorite of 2010 has crossed streams with los grillos number two favorite of 2010, and it’s enough to make our heads explode.

The song is a joyful, rambunctious barroom rocker that stays true to the original while reminding the listener just how well oiled the Phosphorescent machine has become. Folks can find the song, along with Neil Young covers from the likes of Kelley Stoltz and Sam Amidon, on Harvest Revisited, a reinterpretation of Neil’s classic 1972 album that is the companion cd for the latest edition of Mojo.

Many thanks to the folks at the very fine music blog The Mad Mackerel for the heads up!

Phosphorescent – Are You Ready For The Country?

Fallon Nails Young

Mayhap folks have already seen it, but as a long-time Neil Young fan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t post Jimmy Fallon’s spot-on impersonation of Neil Young on his Late Night show. Fallon nails Young so hard that it transcends impersonation and becomes personification. And as cool as it was to see The Boss duet with Fallon, now I’m just waiting for the day that it’s Neil himself who walks out on stage mid-song.

And ol’ Bruce, rocking out “Because the Night” from his recent album (The Promise) of previously unreleased, Darkness on the Edge of Town-era, material, wasn’t so bad himself.