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Alaric ‘End of Mirrors’


Ever wonder what the Psychedelic Furs would sound like if they reinvented themselves as a doom metal band with some prog tendencies? Me neither! But now that I know, I’ve been spinnin’ Alaric’s End of Mirrors like a motherfuckin’ top!

End of Mirrors is out via Neurot Recordings, and available there and via the Alaric Bandcamp site. Rock it.

Neurosis ‘Honor Found in Decay’

Masters of epic metal Neurosis are set to release Honor Found in Decay, their first album since 2007, and it’s massive, dark beast ready to pummel you into blissful submission. Dirge-y and doom-laden, it rocks massive riffs and artful atmospherics in bruisingly equal measure.

Honor Found in Decay is out October 30 via Neurot Recordings. Check it out here. The album is currently streaming in its entirety. Listen here.

Listen to opening track “We All Rage in Gold” below…

U.S. Christmas. Run Thick in the Night.

Run Thick in the Night, the latest from heavy-ass, psychedelic blues bad asses, U.S. Christmas, plays like an art show hung at a biker bar–shit is layered and cerebral, but shit is also fuckin’ immediate and fuckin’ visceral. The pounding delivered by these roadhouse Rembrandts can be discussed in terms of instrumentation and influences (violin, theremin, space-rock, kraut-rock), and whether or not the band fits easily into the category of “metal” can be debated over various indulgences (you name it, we took it)–but the fact is, a fucking pounding is delivered. That’s part of the point–the best metal bands have always defied easy categorization, and U.S. Christmas take it a step further, making categorization a moot point. All that matters is what you’re feeling–right there in the moment–as the earthly pounding of the music carries your mind to the stars.

Check out the mind-melter “Wolf On Anareta” here.

Run Thick In The Night is out now on Neurot Recordings. Buy it here.