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Possessor ‘Dead By Dawn’


Motor boogie thrash bangin’ badasses Possessor are back with another slab of full throttle horror-metal horn-raisers. Mixing myriad influences into a thick and heady brew of rock-the-fuck-out, these dudes bring to mind loads of potential comparisons, but turn the dial to eleven on debut lp Electric Hell, last year’s Stay Dead ep and onward to latest lp Dead By Dawn, and it’s clear that the sound that rattles your bones is pure Possessor– fuzzed out, beautifully fucked, and catchier than heat stroke in hell (where los grillos presumes the band crashed a burned out garage to record these nine brain-melters).

Dead By Dawn is out now and available via the Possessor Bandcamp site. Check it out here.

Possessor ‘Stay Dead’ EP

possessor - stay dead ep

With new ep Stay Dead, London’s noise-metal mongrels Possessor pick up right where last year’s lp Electric Hell left off, and that’s a mighty good starting point. Thickly distorted, relentless riffage? You bet. In the red, scarred and burned vocal menace? Hell yeah. Thunder-rumble bass? Yer fuckin’ a right. And just dig the cover that seems meant to bring to mind the debut album from doom godfathers Black Sabbath. Gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for when you crank the volume on this thing. I’ve been calling it thrash-punk-noise-doom, but call it whatever you want, this shit fuckin’ rocks.

Stay Dead is available now as a pay-what-you-will digital download from the Possessor Bandcamp site. Check it out here.

Cardinals Folly ‘Our Cult Continues’

cardinals folly - our cult continues

So here’s another current metal band rocking a retro-metal vibe, but like Possessor— a band los grillos mentioned a few weeks back– self-described doom metal band Cardinals Folly sound as much like what came to be known as grunge as anything in the metal genre. Makes sense, given doom is part of where grunge came from, but there’s more to it than that. Again, like Possessor, there’s a near lack of big guitar solos, off-kilter vocals, and a thick, fuzzy tone to the whole affair– yet Cardinals Folly sound almost nothing like Possessor. Really, because of the way they bring together seemingly disparate elements and influences, they sound nothing like any metal band I’ve heard recently. Metal dudes have always been outsiders, but these dudes sound like outcasts from the outsiders. It’s like a couple of loners met smoking cigarettes in the woods behind school– one obsessed with Sabbath and the Metallica Garage Days ep, the other with the Melvins and Joy Division– and started a band so they could hang out in a garage, smoke tons of pot, and work out their existential crises.

Our Cult Continues! is out now via Shadow Kingdom Records. Check it out here.

Possessor ‘Electric Hell’

possessor - electric hell

Between the name of the band, the album art, and the propulsive riffage, Possessor’s Electric Hell comes off on the surface as a straight up metal record with some doom and thrash tendencies heavy in the mix. But once you dig in and discover the distorted vocals, the thick, rumbling bass, and the general absence of screaming guitar solos, it reveals itself to be as much a hypermelodic noise rock record as it is a metal album– and that’s plenty fine with me. St. Vitus meets Unsane? You fuckin’ bet, man. I’m all in.

Electric Hell is available now at the Possessor Bandcamp site. Check it out here.