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The Golden Boys ‘Better Than Good Times’

golden boys

Ever wonder what it would sound like if the members of the best damn rock ‘n’ roll band in Austin got together after about five or so years, corralled a bit of controlled chaos and grit and melody, and channeled it into their best damn record since their last best damn record ?  Me too! And now that I know, I’ve been spinnin’ The Golden Boys Better Than Good Times like a motherfuckin’ top!

Better Than Good Times is out now via 12XU, and available there and via Bandcamp. Rock it.

Los Grillos Favorites of 2012…So Far…

So far, it’s been a great year for new music and, having just passed the six month mark for the year, los grillos thought we’d take stock of the rock we’ve been digging the most since the ball dropped for 2012. Kicking things off is Austin’s finest rock and roll rowdies, The Golden Boys…

The Golden Boys ‘Dirty Fingernails’

There hasn’t been much time for new tunes listenin’ around los grillos way this week, but that hardly matters because all I want to listen to these days is the latest from Austin’s finest rock ‘n’ roll band The Golden Boys. If you’re reading this–and I’m talking to all three of you–you should listen to it too.

Buy it over at Trailer Space Records if you can. If not, buy it straight from the label, 12xu, here.

Los Grillos Guide to SXSW Survival

The parking lot in the above picture of Austin’s finest institution of great folks, great music and great times, Trailer Space Records, is, like the city itself, about to get very crowded as a tsunami of bands and fans (and the unavoidable, often unfortunate industry flotsam carried by this enormous wave) hits the shores of Austin in the form of SXSW 2012. SXSW has grown considerably since its inception back in 1987, and these days it can be more than just a bit overwhelming. Some folks thrive on that and make complicated schedules and lay out ornate strategies about how to see every damn band that’s in town. While I might admire the optimism and steely-eyed determination of these folks, I know from experience that such plans inevitably fall apart, and if you cling too tightly to them, as .38 Special sings, you lose control. By the time it’s all said and done, you haven’t seen a damn thing you meant to see. So how does one get around this?

Here’s what I do: I pick a spot, camp out, and allow myself to be in the moments that go down in that spot while they’re happening rather than thinking about how soon I’ll have to bail to make the next band that I won’t see because the show is overcrowded, or starts late, or ends early, or I have to bail to get to another club. I might not dig every band that plays in the place where I hang, but I’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by more than a few. Hell, I might even hear some new band I might not otherwise have heard. Imagine that. To ensure that some pleasant surprises will occur, I put myself in the hands of the good folks at Trailer Space Records and camp out there for the week. They’re record store people and know what the hell they’re talking about. And the shows are free. And there’s generally some beer around, but you’re encouraged to bring your own (and some for the staff). If you wanna not just survive SXSW but have a helluva good time, I suggest you do the same. And don’t forget to hydrate.

For information about what’s going down at Trailer Space during SXSW check out their blog here. Then go hang out, rock out, booze it up, and buy lots of records.

Here’s a nice little article about Trailer Space.

And here’s a tune from Trailer Space regulars The Golden Boys (new album, Dirty Fingernails, is out now via 12xu. Go buy it at Trailer Space or check it out here)…

The Golden Boys “California”

Austin’s incomparable, incorrigible band of badass badasses, The Golden Boys, are set to drop their latest and, from what I’ve heard, greatest, rock ‘n’ roll rumpus, Dirty Fingernails. The advance single is “California,” and it’s a perfect blend of the band’s organ-grinding, garage rock sensibilities and hook-filled, pop rock capabilities. You wanna hear some kick-ass, can’t stop playin’ it rock ‘n’ roll? This is it.

Dirty Fingernails is out March 20 from 12xu. Pre-order it here. Or wait for the date and grab a copy at the record store featured on the album’s cover, the similarly incomparable and incorrigible Trailer Space.

The album lands