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The Janitors ‘Horn ur Marken’

the janitors

The Janitors, Sweden’s supersonic psychedelic shamans, are back with Horn ur Marken, a new lp of head-trippin’ heaviness, and the cricket is crankin’ it loud.

(The cricket is also aware that alliteration is a poor substitute for good writing, but hey, the cricket is a poor substitute for a good writer, so fuck it!)


These dark dealers of dense, droning dread are doing what they do better than ever, and Horn ur Marken is the sound of a band that’s pulled off the none-too-easy trick of playing with complete confidence in their craft without settling into a groove that threatens to become a rut. Instead, they use their confidence to push themselves even further, crafting hypnotic walls of sound laced with sitar-esque guitar textures. The band calls this album a “tiny piece of protest,” and in these dark days can, we can use all the protest we can get, so grab this one, turn it up, and let The Janitors clean the cobwebs from the corners of your mind.

Horn ur Marken is out now via Cardinal Fuzz. Check it out here.

The Janitors ‘Evil Doings of an Evil Kind’

the janitors

I came to Swedish psych rockers The Janitors through my fondness for like-minded Swedes the Skull Defekts and was immediately drawn in by their hypnotic menace, so I’m glad to say they’re back with a new ep of dark and haunting mind fuckery. Dense, swirling guitars with jagged edges that claw away at the inside of your third eye lay the foundation for songs that build on The Janitor’s mastery of creeping dread and droning but addictive melody, and anyone who’s down for more well known bands in the current psych scene like The Black Angels should definitely get down with The Janitors.

Evil Doings of an Evil Kind is out now via Bad Afro Records. Check it out here.

The Janitors ‘Drone Head’

Swedish psych burnin’ bad asses and los grillos favorite, The Janitors, hooked up with UK label Cardinal Fuzz Records to turn out their full-length vinyl debut Drone Head. Combining the duo’s Worker Drone Queen and Head Honcho EPs, plus a couple of remixes and brand new track “Nevereverism,” into one handsome and handy double gatefold package, its grooves grind with mind-melting psych that roils and rumbles like the River Styx deep into the dark night of your psychedelic soul. Well worth picking up, even if you already have copies of the individual EPs.

Grab a copy over at Cardinal Fuzz Records or pick up a digital copy at The Janitors Bandcamp page here.

And here’s the video for slow-burning scorcher “Nevereverism”…


The Janitors ‘Head Honcho’ EP

Following closely behind the release of their debut ep earlier this year, The Janitors return with another mind-scraping slab of darkness and drone. Anchored by the twelve minute psychedelic shakedown “A-Bow,” the Head Honcho ep picks up where February’s Worker Drone Queen ep left off, blending equal parts melody and menace into a bubbling black cauldron for shamans to chant and dance around as the fire of the music burns against the darkness of the night sky.

The Head Honcho ep is out August 12 via Your Ears Have Been Bad and Need to be Punished Records/Supernova. Grab a copy via The Janitors’ Bandcamp site here.

The Janitors ‘Worker Drone Queen’ EP

Swedish psych rockers The Janitors follow in the footsteps of fellow Swedes the Skull Defekts with their fondness for mixing a bit of noisy menace into their catchy confections. Bringing a bit of Velvet Underground-inflected darkness and a Black Angels-esque penchant for the-whole-shithouse-is-going-up-in-flames vocals to debut ep, Worker Drone Queen, the band sounds like its been doin’ this since the days of professed influences Spacemen 3 and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Like good acid, they break it all down and make it all new again, even when it’s the same trip tumbling over and over and over into the dark abyss of your mind. I’ll take a tab of that, thanks, and wash it down with this here whiskey. Keep it comin’.

Worker Drone Queen is out now via Your Ears Have Been Bad and Need to be Punished Records/Supernova. Grab a digital copy via The Janitors’ Bandcamp site here.