Wovenhand ‘Star Treatment’


Holy shit, the new Wovenhand album, Star Treatment, is a fucking crusher. Maybe it’s just that it plays to my particular tastes, but I’m full on digging this thing’s epic mix of gothic boom and country preaching awash in sonic portents of the apocalypse that give it a heavy metal vibe. Call it Goth-Americana. Call it A-metal-cana (all right, don’t call it that– that’s pretty stupid, even for the cricket). Just call it badass, ’cause this thing moves with purpose.┬áDavid Eugene Edwards, the creative force behind Wovenhand, and 16 Horsepower before that, has no small number of damn good albums in his catalog, but this one feels like a grand statement, a culmination of his creativity up to this point, one that announces itself with authority and takes the listener on a journey of dust, darkness, and deliverance. (Fans of Mark Lanegan and Peter Murphy alike, do yourself a favor and get this straight away.)

Star Treatment is out now and available via the Wovenhand Bandcamp site. Check it out here.